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Horton Plains & World’s End

Horton Plains & World’s End

Horton Plains, the only National Park in Sri Lanka where you are allowed to walk around.
Normally we start the hike in the early morning with breakfast packages.

At World’s End you can sit down and have your breakfast to the amazing view of the mountains.
Horton Plains is home to a small population of leopards but unfortunately they are rarely seen.

Tip! Wear your clothes in layers as it can be very cold in the early morning hours and become very hot when the sun comes out.

As the roads are in a very bad condition, we have to hire a jeep or a van to get to the Horton Plains National Park.

Please note there is an entrance fee to Horton Plains.

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

According to legend, Hemamala hid the relic in her hair ornament and the royal couple disguised themselves as Brahmins in order to avoid discovery. They set sail from Tamralipti, a port at the mouth of the river Ganges, and landed in Sri Lanka at the port of Lankapattana (now Ilankeiturei).

It is said that Sri Lanka was chosen as the new home for the tooth relic because the Lord Buddha had declared that his religion would be safe in Sri Lanka for 5000 years.

Please remember to wear appropriate clothing for temple visits (shoulders and legs covered), and bring socks, the ground might be very hot and You will be leaving Your shoes outside.
Temple of the Tooth is situated in Kandy.



Ella is a beautiful little village situated in the mountains of Sri Lanka.
Let your soul rest while you watch the amazing view of Ella Gap.
Climb the small mountain, Little Adams Peak, even small children can follow and the view is amazing.

Take a walk on the railway tracks or go a little outside town to meet the wild monkeys.

The village is also home to restaurants and cosy cafés with free wifi..

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

The Hill country of Sri Lanka is a sight to behold. After the heat of the low lands of Sri Lanka, the diversity of temperature and scenery of the high lands is incredible.
Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Bandarawela, are three popular hill stations.
Nuwara Eliya being the highest, situated more than 6000 feet above sea level and also called ‘Little England’, as this is where the British built themselves a ‘home away from home’.

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