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Sri Lanka Driver and Guide Hire!

Fernando Tours - Private drivers Sri Lanka

Why travel with a private driver in Sri Lanka?

Planning your first trip to Sri Lanka? Wondering how to make it truly unforgettable? Look no further than your own private driver.

While you’ve likely sorted out your accommodation and dining options, have you considered the impact a private driver can have on your entire vacation?

Your private driver isn’t just transportation; they’re your personal guide, ensuring safe and convenient travel throughout your journey. Plus, with insider knowledge and local expertise, they’ll provide invaluable travel tips and recommendations tailored to your interests.

So why travel with a private driver in Sri Lanka? Because it’s the ultimate way to enhance your vacation experience, offering convenience, safety, and personalized guidance every step of the way.


Private drivers and tour guides for your holiday

Discover the advantages of exploring Sri Lanka with a local guide

Seamless Transportation: With a local driver, navigating Sri Lanka becomes effortless. Say goodbye to the hassle of public transport and hello to comfortable and convenient travel.

Enhanced Exploration: A local driver opens doors to hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path attractions that you might miss on your own. Maximize your time and see more of Sri Lanka’s wonders with expert guidance.

Personalized Insights: Your local driver isn’t just a chauffeur; they’re your personal guide, providing insider knowledge about the country’s customs and must-see sights. Benefit from their expertise to make the most of your journey.

Avoid Overpaying: Traveling with a private driver means steering clear of intrusive salespeople and potential scams. Your driver acts as your ally, alerting you to overpriced offers and ensuring you get the best deals during your stay.

Experience the convenience and comfort of exploring Sri Lanka with a local driver by your side.

If you only need transport to and from the airport, it is also something you can book us for. Read more here: Airport Pick Up

Make your Sri Lankan getaway hassle-free with a private driver for seamless transport between hotels

Cost-Effective Accommodation: Opting for hotels outside city centers not only offers affordability but also tranquility. With a private driver, accessing these budget-friendly accommodations becomes effortless, keeping your overall expenses down.

Hassle-Free Travel: Say goodbye to lugging around heavy luggage in sweltering heat. Your private driver not only transports you between hotels but also assists with your baggage, ensuring a comfortable journey even in 32-degree weather.

Insider Recommendations: Rely on your local driver’s expertise to uncover hidden gems and top-notch accommodations that may not be easily found online. Benefit from their knowledge of the area to secure the best deals and experiences.

Value for Money: Investing in a private driver is more than just a convenience—it’s a smart investment in your vacation. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re maximizing your time, minimizing stress, and making the most of your budget.

Experience the convenience and affordability of traveling between hotels with a private driver, making your Sri Lankan adventure truly unforgettable.

Meet the team behind Fernando Tours

Fernando Tours - Private drivers Sri Lanka
Mr. Fernando travel agency

Sunjeewa Fernando – Founder

Meet Sunjeewa Fernando, the visionary behind Fernando Tours, affectionately known as Fernando.

As a licensed tour operator and guide with extensive experience, Fernando has honed his expertise in bird watching and wildlife spotting over the years.

Fluent in both English and Sinhalese, Fernando ensures seamless communication and unforgettable experiences for all travelers.

Lal Antony – Tour Guide

Meet Lal Antony, a cherished member of our team, who has been a tour guide for nearly 20 years. Lal has been an integral part of Fernando Tours since its inception.

Known for his warmth and friendliness, Lal has a special knack for connecting with people. He has a natural affinity for children and our guests adore him, often returning for more adventures.

Speaking Sinhalese, English, and French, Lal ensures seamless communication and unforgettable experiences for our guests. Interestingly, Lal is also Shalini’s father and Fernando’s father-in-law, adding a delightful familial touch to our team.

Jagat Lal – Tour Guide

Meet Jagat, a stalwart member of our team, who has been with Fernando Tours since its inception. Remarkably, Jagat has never received a single complaint from our guests, a testament to his exceptional service.

A true nature enthusiast, Jagat finds solace in the great outdoors and enjoys activities like climbing and staying active.

In addition to his fluent English and proficiency in Sinhalese, Jagat possesses a basic understanding of Arabic and is adept at using a few sign language gestures, allowing him to communicate effectively with deaf individuals.

Jagat’s diverse language skills and passion for adventure make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Ravi – Tour Guide

Allow us to introduce Ravi, a member of our team of private drivers at Fernando Tours since 2019.

Ravi possesses a keen interest in historical and cultural sites, making him the perfect companion for exploring Sri Lanka’s rich heritage.

With a gentle and caring temperament, Ravi ensures your comfort and safety throughout your journey. His skillful driving and attentive nature guarantee a pleasant and memorable experience for all our guests.

We invite you to enjoy Ravi’s company as he guides you through the wonders of our beautiful country.

Nalin – Tour Guide

Meet Nalin, your go-to tour guide if you’re passionate about culture.

With a gift for storytelling, Nalin brings Sri Lankan history to life as he guides you through iconic sites like Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya.

His extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for cultural heritage ensure an enriching experience as you delve into the fascinating stories and landmarks of Sri Lanka.

Rukshan – Tour Guide

Meet Rukshan Perera, a true adventurer at heart. With a passion for travel and a deep interest in Sri Lanka’s wildlife, Rukshan is your ideal guide in the National Parks.

Renowned for his professionalism and beloved by our guests, Rukshan’s expertise and dedication ensure unforgettable experiences. His gentle demeanor and rapport with small children add an extra layer of warmth to your wildlife excursions.

Kasun Hemal – Rainforest Guide

Meet Kasun Hemal, our expert tracker and guide in the rainforest. With an intimate knowledge of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Kasun navigates its depths with ease, like the back of his hand.

Dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences, Kasun’s keen eye and expertise ensure thrilling encounters with exotic animals and plants during your exploration of the rainforest.

Randika – Tour Guide

Meet Randika, our knowledgeable guide and driver who has a passion for Sri Lanka’s wildlife, particularly bird watching.

Randika’s love for the country’s natural treasures shines through in his expertise and enthusiasm. Highly regarded by guests and adored by children, his friendly demeanor adds an extra layer of warmth to your adventures.

Fluent in both Sinhalese and English, Randika ensures seamless communication and unforgettable experiences for all.

Shalini Fernando

Shalini – Office Assistant

Meet Shalini Fernando, our Customer Service Assistant, who also happens to be the wife of Mr. Fernando.

With Shalini at the helm, rest assured that all your emails will be promptly addressed, and she will craft the ideal tour plan for your Sri Lankan holiday.

Fluent in both Sinhalese and English, Shalini ensures seamless communication and a tailored experience for every guest.

John – Tour Guide

John has a special interest and a good knowledge of the cultural and historical sites in Sri Lanka​​.
He also knows a lot about the real village life and can take you to places outside the typical tourist zones for an authentic SriLankan experience.

Nuwan – Tour Guide

Nuwan is a wild one. He loves to do various adventure activities.
But his favourites are the wild animals and to go on jeep safaris in the many National Parks of Sri Lanka.
Nuwan speaks fluent English.

Ravindra – Tour Guide

Japanese people should definitely go on a tour with our tour guide Ravindra Herath, since he can speak the Japanese language. He is also very good in English though.
Ravindra likes the nature and cultural tours.
He is very good with small children.

Nevil – Tour Guide

Nevil ​is such a kind man.
He is very interested in the animals of Sri Lanka and likes to go on wildlife safaris in the many National Parks. Nevil also has a love for nature and especially for the beaches.
He speaks a very good English.

We are hiring an office assistant

Fernando Tours is growing and we are now looking for an experienced office assistant.
To become an office assistant for Fernando Tours, You must be fluent in English writing and speaking. Have good computer knowledge (MS Office, email) and good knowledge of how to use social medias like Facebook and Instagram for business.

We are hiring new drivers

Fernando Tours is growing and we are constantly looking for experienced tour guides.
To become a driver for Fernando Tours, You must be a safe driver, 100% honest, punctual, well liked by tourists and good in English and or other languages.

Fernando Tours is happy to organize your entire holiday

Fernando Tours is a local travel agency specializing in organizing holidays for tourists. That is, we book your hotels, arrange your trips to all the highlights of the island with a private driver and guide. You can read more about your excursion opportunities here: Sri Lanka Tour Packages. Or you can go directly to our booking and ask any questions you may have: Your Travel Operator in Sri Lanka.

Will we see you in Colombo Airport?

We will find you a driver from our team, who we think will be a good fit for your family. When you arrive in Sri Lanka, one of our drivers will great you with your name on a board at the arrival area in Colombo airport. And from there, your driver will make sure you and your family have an unforgettable journey.

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