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The Elephant Transit Home, located near Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka, is a unique rehabilitation center for orphaned elephants. Here are key features of The Elephant Transit Home:

1. Rescue and Rehabilitation: The primary purpose of The Elephant Transit Home is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release orphaned elephant calves back into the wild. Many of these calves have been orphaned due to various reasons, including human-wildlife conflict, accidents, or natural disasters.

2. Collaboration with the Department of Wildlife Conservation: The facility operates in collaboration with the Department of Wildlife Conservation in Sri Lanka. The ultimate goal is to reintegrate the rehabilitated elephants into their natural habitat.

3. Minimal Human Contact: The rehabilitation process at The Elephant Transit Home emphasizes minimal human contact to ensure that the elephants retain their wild instincts and behaviors. This approach increases the chances of successful reintroduction into the wild.

4. Feeding Program: The facility has a unique feeding program where milk is provided to the orphaned calves at regular intervals. The milk is delivered through a special feeding gate, minimizing direct interaction between the elephants and caretakers.

5. Observation Deck: Visitors to The Elephant Transit Home can observe the elephants from a designated viewing deck. The observation deck is strategically located to allow guests to witness the feeding sessions and the elephants’ behavior without causing any disturbance.

6. Release into Udawalawe National Park: Once the elephants reach an age and level of maturity suitable for survival in the wild, they are released into Udawalawe National Park. This process is gradual and allows the elephants to adapt to their natural environment.

7. Educational Initiatives: The facility also serves as an educational center, raising awareness about the conservation challenges faced by elephants in Sri Lanka. Visitors learn about the importance of protecting natural habitats and minimizing human-wildlife conflict.

8. Contribution to Conservation: The Elephant Transit Home plays a vital role in the broader conservation efforts for Sri Lankan elephants. By rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned elephants, the center contributes to the preservation of the species and the conservation of biodiversity.

Visiting The Elephant Transit Home provides a unique opportunity to witness the rehabilitation process of orphaned elephants and to support conservation initiatives. It is a place where the well-being of the elephants takes precedence, and the ultimate goal is to give them a second chance to thrive in their natural environment.

Please note that there is a small entrance fee to The Elephant Transit Home.

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